How Rosco is Revolutionizing Virtual Production with RDX LAB System

As technology continues to evolve, the film industry has seen a shift in how movies are made. Virtual production has become an increasingly popular technique employed by filmmakers to create immersive environments and cinematic backdrops.

Rosco Laboratories, a global leader in lighting and backdrop technologies for the live entertainment and film & television industries, has partnered with FuseFX, an award-winning visual effects studio, to develop a revolutionary virtual production tool – the RDX LAB System. A New Era of Filmmaking

The RDX LAB System is a complete ecosystem that includes Rosco’s extensive library of cinematic backdrop assets, powered by cutting-edge virtual production technology from FuseFX.

The system is designed to equip filmmakers with greater ease and efficiency when working with an LED volume, providing them with high-resolution cinematic backdrops that can be adjusted and displayed in real-time on any LED volume.

The RDX LAB System’s world’s most extensive library of background images has been shot at optimal resolution, taking into account the specified image properties required within the film and television industry.

With this technology, filmmakers can manipulate the backdrop instantly through a simple-to-use app, allowing them to change the environment from day to night or modify the weather by adding rain or fog.

The Benefits of the RDX LAB System

The RDX LAB System enables filmmakers to retain greater creative control during production. Without the extensive pre-production or post-production creation and manipulation of digital assets, filmmakers can experience all the upsides of virtual production, with the added benefit of creative control on set.

For production designers and art directors, selecting from the RDX Image Library means their trusted solutions for backdrops can be extended to virtual productions. When including motion elements like fog, moving traffic, or other moving imagery, the backdrop takes on greater depth and becomes a more integrated part of their set.

RDX LAB System in Action

The RDX LAB System has been successfully used in production since its launch. Max’s new Original limited series, “Full Circle,” was the first-ever production to use cutting-edge virtual production technology. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the show’s crime drama set in New York City employed the RDX System to set the scene and capture the intensity of the environment.

The backdrop images seen on “Full Circle” were displayed on a massive 180-foot flat LED wall and required a purpose-built system that could support a virtual set of such magnitude. Experts at Carstage and Visual Alchemy supported the RDX System and enabled the near-instant display and scale-up of pixel-perfect images onto the LED screen.

The Future of Virtual Production

With the deployment of the RDX System on “Full Circle,” Rosco has delivered a product that empowers filmmakers with the creative control to do their best work. The system’s ease of use has received positive feedback from Steven Soderbergh and the rest of the crew, and the possibilities of virtual production technology inside of LED volumes have expanded.

Looking ahead, the RDX LAB System is set to revolutionize virtual production and change the way filmmakers think about conceptualizing scenes and story. The technology is supposed to unleash filmmakers’ imaginations, allowing them to scale up their ideas to what’s possible at that moment in time.


Virtual production has come a long way since its inception, and the RDX LAB System is a testament to that. The partnership between Rosco and FuseFX has produced a revolutionary technology that provides filmmakers with greater ease and efficiency when working with an LED volume. The RDX LAB System’s world’s most extensive library of background images, combined with FuseFX’s VFX software, allows filmmakers to manipulate the backdrop instantly, making it more integrated into their set.

The RDX System has opened up the world of video walls as lighting, providing a seamless, interactive, and cost-effective solution. It has significantly reduced the time and cost typically associated with constructing environments in pre-production, saved time during postproduction, and eliminated the need for a green screen, giving filmmakers the ability to see the imagery in real time.

Virtual production is the future of filmmaking, and the RDX LAB System is at the forefront of this revolution. With this technology, filmmakers can unleash their imaginations, expand their horizons, and create movies that were once only possible in their dreams.

Additional Information:

The RDX LAB System was initially revealed as a prototype to the public during BSC Expo-2022 in London.

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The tone of this article is informative and authoritative, aimed towards filmmakers, production designers, art directors, and anyone interested in virtual production. The article highlights the benefits of the RDX LAB System and the revolutionary impact it can have on the film industry.

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